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“You don’t just give up. You don’t just let things happen. You make a stand! You say no! You have the guts to do what’s right, even when everyone else just runs away.” — Rose Tyler



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What it would look like if the Orion Nebula was a distance of 4 light years away.



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Decades after Dorothy leaves The Land Of Oz, Oz is prosperous and peaceful.  Glinda is now the leader of Oz and she lives in the Emerald Palace.  However, she is bedridden, sickly and elderly.  We see her laying in her bed staring at the Grimmerie on her bed side table.  A young woman walks in, she walks to Glinda’s bed and kneels next to it.  She notices the book on the table.
“Mother, you mustn’t keep looking at that nonsense.  No one can read it, no one ever has been able to.” The woman said.
Glinda looks at the girl and smiled.  “Oh, Elly, that’s not true.  I once knew a girl that could.  She was my best friend”
“There was someone who could read it?”
“Oh yes, I haven’t seen her in years, and I’m not expecting to.”
“Oh my sweet daughter, Elphaba, I do not know where she is.  Years ago I believed she had died, but she was strong so I know that’s not true.  She left Oz long ago.”
Glinda coughed and looked back at the Grimmerie.  She reached for it and held it tight.  She handed it to her daughter who now looked confused.
“Mother, you’re giving me the Grimmerie?” Elphaba asked.
“My time is over sweety, but I have one last thing to do.  Alas, I am too weak and cannot do it.  So I am asking you to do this for me dear.” Glinda coughed.
“What do you need me to do?”
Glinda looked at the Grimmerie and smiled, “I’ve spent years trying to understand that babbling nonsense, and I finally figured out a way to repay my friend.  She did so much for me and I now see how I took advantage of that.  I marked the pages, I need you to get that book to her.”
“But, I thought she left Oz?  It would be impossible to find her.”
“Oh no, it will be quite easy.  Once you leave Oz you will be able to feel her magic.”
“Why, now?  Why haven’t you done this yourself yet?”
“Elphy, I am the leader of Oz I can’t really get up and leave to go find The Wicked Witch.”
Elphaba cringed, “You were friends with the Wicked Witch.”
“I’m sorry I kept this from you.  You actually got your name from her Elphy.”
Elphaba’s stomach dropped.
“I can’t explain it all there is a long story to go with this, but I need you to do this for me.” Glinda said.
Elphaba nodded and watched as her mother fall asleep.  She walked out of the room and made her way out of the palace, and then the city.  She raised her wand and started floating towards the borders of Oz.  Soon enough she was out of Oz and in a wasteland.  
She felt a strong force pulling her and she wondered around and eventually found a scarecrow sitting next to a small hut.  The scarecrow looked up from his seat.
“Glinda?” he jumped
Elphaba jumped when the scarecrow spoke.
“Um, I’m looking for the Wick-“ she paused, “I’m looking for Elphaba.  My mother sent me with this.”
She held out the Grimmerie and the scarecrow jumped.
“Elphy! We have a visitor!” The scarecrow yelled into the hut.
The door opened and old woman in black stood in the light.  Elphaba cringed at the site of her green skin, but she hid her fear.
“Fiyero, what are you talking about we never have visitors.” The woman said before noticing the girl.
“Ms. Elphaba? My name is Elphaba Arduennas, I’m Glinda’s daughter.” The girl said.
“Oh my goodness, you look just like your mother dear, and she gave you my name.  Gutsy as always that woman.” The old woman laughed.
“She wanted me to bring you this.” Elphaba said handing the woman the Grimmerie.
“Oh my, I haven’t seen this in years,” She said opening the book, “what’s this?”
When she opened the book the pages were marked.  A note fell out of the book and the older Elphaba picked it up.
Thank you for everything you did Elphaba.  I’ve spent years on this and hope this will help. – Glinda
The woman looked through the book and realized what Glinda had been doing.  She put the book down and started flipping through the pages.  She started to chant words from the book.
The younger Elphaba was amazed to watch as the old, green-skinned woman, degreenified.
“Fiyero! She did it! Look at me!”  The woman said excitedly.
“You look beautiful Elphy.” The scarecrow smiled.
“Would you like to see my mother?” The young woman asked?
“I haven’t seen her in years.  I would love to.”
“Ok follow me back to the Emerald city.”
The three travelled back to the Emerald City.  No one recognized the old Elphaba.  They entered the Emerald Palace and walked to Glinda’s room.
The two old women lock gazes and Glinda starts to cry.
“I’m so glad it worked Elphy.” Glinda cried.
The old woman walked over to the bed and grabs Glinda’s hand.
“You did this for me.  You didn’t have to.” Elphaba said now starting to cry.
“You got me where I am today Elphy I couldn’t have asked for a better best friend.  I’m sorry for everything that happen.  I will always regret not coming with you.  We would have been great together.  Oh and I see you and Fiyero are still together.  I’m glad.” Glinda said.
“Are you happy?”
“Yes, are you?”
“Yes, but I wish I didn’t have to leave all those years ago.  You changed me.”
“You changed me too.”
They sing For Good one last time.
Glinda slowly closes her eyes and smiles.  A tears runs down her face.  She is gone.
Both Elphabas start sobbing.  One lost a mother and one lost a friend.
“She was proud of both of you.” Fiyero spoke.
The two Elphabas looked at eachother and the younger one spoke.
“Would you like a seat in my council Elphaba?  I think my mother would have liked that.” she said sniffling.
“I would love to dear.” The older woman smiled.
The young Elphaba took over as ruler of Oz with the older Elphaba as her aid and mentor and Oz continued to prosper.